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Enjoy Your Music In Multiple Rooms

Enjoy Your Music In Multiple Rooms

Enjoy your music everywhere you go with stereo sound in each room. Speakers can easily integrate in-wall or in-ceiling to provide a very comfortable listening experience throughout your entire home. Perfect for entertaining guests or just yourself, multi-room audio is a luxury that quickly becomes a necessity. Each room can be controlled by a basic knob or slider to set just the right volume for that specific room setting. Or keypads can be installed for a more expansive audio systems. If desired, each room can play its own source independent of other rooms and listening areas. Enjoy classical while reading by the fireplace, and at the same time the children can be rocking out to the latest contemporary jams in their rooms.

Stereo sound is accomplished with (in most cases) two speakers. When designing sound for multi-room audio, listening locations need to be considered. Therefor the locations of the speakers should reflect that of the listening location. Both speakers should be equidistant to the couch, lounge area, or overall listening area for that location. And audio keypads or volume controls should be integrated in a convenient location for that listening area. In some cases, there simply isn’t enough room for two speakers to be installed. (e.g. foyer, bathroom, master closet, hallway.) Mono-summing speakers can be used for this application accomplishing stereo sound from one speaker (two speakers in one).

Outdoor speaker systems are truly a delight. Whether designed around a pool, spa or sitting area, landscape sound is a must. Weather-proof speakers can be installed just about anywhere. Start simple with two patio speakers affixed to the house or go all out with speakers sprinkled throughout the property. Speaker and listening locations should still be carefully considered for optimal audio performance. Decorative rock speakers can keep sound speakers both hidden and protected form the elements. Outdoor subwoofers can be installed in-ground to dramatically enhance the landscape sound system.


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