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What’s A Fair Price

What’s A Fair Price

We get asked this question a lot and there is no simple easy way to answer this question. The short answer is it depends. Say for example you would like to have a 65″ TV mounted above your fireplace. Ok, that sounds simple enough, but what type of material is the wall where you would like the TV hung? Is it Sheetrock, brick or stone? If it is Sheetrock are their wood studs in the wall to support your TV installation? If the TV will be hung in brick or stone, special hardware parts and tools are needed to support the TV being hung in that location. With that being said, there are different costs associated with each of these scenarios. That’s why it is important to have professional technician come out and take a look at what you would like to accomplish for your home entertainment setup. No one wants their TV investment to come tumbling down because it was not properly


We would love to help you with your new or existing home entertainment project. Whether you purchase your equipment from us or not we will help you and still give you a 30 day warranty on our work regardless. We are not a big box retailer and will never treat you like they do. Their customer service is horrible! There are always people who will shop at their store and they know that you are still going to spend your money there. They are so large they don’t have time or care about there customers. But, we do! We are very professional.

We do flawless HDTV installations, including Custom Fireplaces, custom wire concealment, theater rooms, media rooms, outdoor music, speaker installations, and surround sound setups.

Our technicians our pre-screened very professional individuals who are happy to help you with your project. We will not send just any person or contractor to your home with out a background check and we are insured so you can feel comfortable doing business with us.

We believe  our customers care about the quality of work that is being provided to them. We believe in providing our best quality work at fair prices. Call Today (210) 692 4821 or you can click here to request and estimate from us.


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