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Every Hour a Child Visits the ER Due to a TV Tip-Over Injury

Every Hour a Child Visits the ER Due to a TV Tip-Over Injury


The Figures are sobering. Children under 5 are most at risk from TVs toppling over on them.
Over 25,000 children visit the Emergency Room every year with tip over injuries. These can range from broken bones or stitches to traumatic brain injuries. And every two weeks a child is killed from a tip over. Much like childproofing with a toddler gate or electrical socket cover, TV mounts and furniture straps are important steps to keeping your family safe.


A common misconception about the newer flat screen TVs is that they are much safer than the older CRT style TVs because they are lighter and thinner and therefore pose no risk. However, flat screen TVs still weigh enough to seriously injure or kill a toddler or young child. When not secured, a flat screen television is very unstable while sitting on a stand or shelf. If you are going to place your flat screen TV on a stand or tray, be sure to secure the TV to the stand, and the stand to the furniture and to the wall.

It is highly recommended that flat screen TVs be mounted directly to the wall to eliminate the risk of the TV from toppling off its stand. If you need assistance with finding the best solution to helping keep your kids safe, we are a local professional company that is insured and has a proven track record of doing secure, safe and reliable TV mounting services. We can be reached by phone 210-692-4821 or just by scheduling with us online. We have helped many families with mounting their TVs and securing them to all types of wall surfaces in their homes. All TVs, whether it’s a flat-screen or older model TV, should be either anchored to the wall to prevent tip-overs, or securely wall mounted.


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