We Offer A Variety of Customized Computer Services

Technical Services Group of SA offers a variety of customized computer services that help customers maximize their IT investments and their productivity. We strive to provide our customers with sensible, user-friendly, long-lasting, and cost-effective solutions that get the job done with minimal complexity and maximum reliability.


•Wired & wireless network design and implementation
•Network upgrades and troubleshooting
•VPN solutions
•Virus removal and protection
•Upgrade and patch installation
•Relocation services
•Security services
•Disaster recovery
•Data backup and archiving
•Software installation and troubleshooting
•Server and workstation deployment
•Remote support and management
•Project management
•Workflow management
•Custom training materials
•Mobile Device Management – from three to three thousand devices
•BYOD “Bring your own device” management solutions


•Website Development
•Website Search Engine Optimization
Online Business Presence Health Check Tool
•Windows Server 2012, 2008, 2003 and legacy systems
•Macintosh OS X Server 10,8 10.7, 10.6 and legacy systems
•Windows & Mac Remote Desktop environments
•Filesharing, printsharing, web, email, FTP, DNS, and directory services
•Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and legacy systems
•Mac OS 10.9 thru 10.6 and legacy systems
•Amazon and Rackspace cloud servers
•Microsoft Office and Exchange environments, legacy Office products
•Amazing Charts EHR systems
•Adobe Creative Suite and all legacy Adobe products
•Desktop publishing, architectural, video, audio production software + workflows
•Scanning, image capture, OCR, and PDF solutions
•iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices.


Mobility, or mobile computing, is about empowering your employees to work from anywhere, without compromising the security of your companies’ data.

What is BYOD? Bring Your Own Device – this phrase references the concept of allowing your employees to use their own smartphone to access corporate email, data, and services.

The technicians of Technical Services Group of SA are fully qualified to bring mobility and BYOD into your company’s environment securely, and cost-effectively. Let us show you the best way to leverage the leading edge of computing to enhance your employees’ productivity.



The Cloud is a generic term that basically means a service, group of services or virtualized server that is hosted in someone else’s datacenter. It is a buzzword that references a modern way of hosting and running software in datacenters and accessing them over the Internet.

Technical Services Group of SA can help you navigate the confusion inherent in this term and pick the cloud services that are right for your business, and help you leverage this new way of purchasing and implementing your IT infrastructure.



Virtualization is using single computer’s hardware resources to run multiple computers. Why does anyone need virtualization?

Desktop users use virtualization to run multiple operating systems on a single computer, such as when a Mac user runs Windows in Parallels or VMWare so they can run a Windows only piece of software on their Mac.

System Admins use virtualization to run multiple servers on a single server. There are a wide variety of reasons for doing this, all are technical, but in the end virtualization can make management of multiple servers easier, cost less, and provide advantages for business continuity that physical servers cannot.

Cloud servers are all virtualized servers running on hardware owned by someone else. They may or may not be in your direct control. Technical Services Group of SA can assist you in assessing where virtualization can be leveraged in your business to bring more value out of your IT investments.



Provide exemplary service to our customers.
We keep schedules, and we call if we are running late. We do our best to communicate with our customers so they will be informed at all times. We aim for excellence in our work, with success measured by customer satisfaction.

Practice professional and ethical standards.
We like it when people are happy, and feel that the only way to insure harmony between people is by treating our fellow human beings with patience and respect.

Listen to our customers, and implement change to meet their needs.
We communicate on a personal level, and try to speak in everyday language when discussing solutions.



Pay-as-you-go Rates:
On-site Service – $145/hr. (1 hr. minimum)
Remote & Phone Support – $75/hr. (30 minute minimum)

Monthly Service Plan:
Technical Services Group of SA can create a custom service plan for your business with a discounted rate. Month to month plans help you budget your expenses with no long term commitment.

Fully managed service plans are also available, learn more.

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