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Looking to Get TV Mounted In Your Apartment

Looking to Get TV Mounted In Your Apartment

Do you stay in an apartment and you want to get your TV wall mounted? Let TSGSAN come out and mount your HDTV. We know most landlords for apartments do not want large holes put in the walls. At TSGSAN, we are professionals who know how to mount your TV on the wall and hide the wires without putting large holes in your walls. We will install a conduit strip that will hide the HDMI cable and power wire to give your TV installation a professional look.


When you are ready to discuss your options, give us a call to setup an appointment. We would love to help you with your new home entertainment project.

Our technicians our pre-screened very professional individuals who are happy to help you with your project. We will not send just any person or contractor to your home with out a background check and we are insured so you can feel comfortable doing business with us.

Our technicians:
• Use blue painters tape to show where the TV will be positioned on the wall
• Place a blanket on the floor, under the work space to protect your carpet
• Clean up once the installation is done

We believe  our customers care about the quality of work that is being provided to them. We believe in providing our best quality work at fair prices. Call Today (210) 692 4821.

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